After two roadsters that I rode the hell out of all over, fitting them out like GSs, I bought the best of all, to me, a GS that I fitted out like a roadster.
Now for reasons unrelated to the bike, it's time to sell the best bike I’ve ever owned; my Rosalie, a 2016 r1200GSW.
She’s just sitting there and needs to go to a good home that will explore as I did with her for 6 years or so. I’m selling because I have lost the fire to ride and the simple excuses like riding to work, formerly a 90 mile commute no longer exist. I retired last year. Also, the GS is just too big for me now. The old bones can’t lift as they once did. It pains me to give up the riding and this bike, but it is time.

So, the specs:

2016 r1200gsw Premium with factory lowered suspension.
Decked out for long distance riding and commuting, including:
Dash mounted Gerbings controller for heated gear
LED bulbed MotoLights with dash switch
Garmin 665
Extra metal key in addition to the keyless modular key
Accessory electrical circuit installed for the electronic farkles—Rowe PDM60
Black dog platform rider pegs-so comfortable!
Sargent low version rider’s seat, firm, but the last seat you'll own; it just works that well.
Accessory programmable rear brake light, definitely a 1000% improvement over the anemic OEM brake light; it gets attention.
Caribou cases top cases: 2 of them, one for the road and one for city. The pelican cases used are the 1550 and the 1450; far better than hepco and GIVI models, both of which I’ve owned in the past, and the sturdiest on the market.
Caribou Luggage Systems.
New battery
Brand new Pirelli Scorpion Trail II s front and rear, my favorites, having tried many others including Pilot Roads
Wired for pillion Gerbings heated clothing, thermostat available
Factory cases
OEM crashbars
Cee-Baily headlight protector
Marsee Corona tank bag
Rarely off road…99+% on pavement, but many long distance rides, as reported here as ride reports—look them up.
All recalls done.
Only issue in her lifetime was a sticking rocker switch on left cluster, replaced under warranty
I will also include my GS911, that now only works via bluetooth. Don’t count on it to be as functional as a new one, I’ve been going round and round with HexCode and they decided that there is something internally wrong with it, but as stated, it will mostly work via bluetooth. It will reset service reminder.

The bike is in outstanding condition mechanically and cosmetically, with 54,570 miles. No dings. I was totally prepped to do a circuit of Prince Edward Island, but then covid hit. With an oil change, based on time, not mileage, and a brake fluid flush, again based on time, last time I checked the valve clearances they were within specs; IOW it’s “continent ready” and I would have no qualms about doing so.
This beauty is ready for transcontinental adventure or to be your standard commuter.

$10,000, OBO

In New Orleans if you want to fly in and ride out.
Any questions welcomed; any specific photos, just ask.