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What is appreciable difference between -

"Standard" suspension w/low seat
"Low" suspension w/low seat

Best bang for my buck?

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What's the Low Down?

Hi Apache,
I have not actually ridden one, but
they are very popular where I live.
Owners comments are by and large, favorable.

First of all, Lowered models co$t more.
The maximum suspension travel is shorter by a couple inches.
This is a minus factor on very rough roads.(frost heave, pot holes, etc.)
Might NOT be able to get ESA option with a lowered bike&Low seat.

The plus factor is that riders with short inseams
can sit flat-footed, feel more confident and comfortable.
Some riders think the lowered version looks better, too.
If roads are mostly smooth & well maintained,
and your riding style is slow and easy,
You may be very satisfied with the modifications.
Most riders here are in this category.
It's your call.
Hope that you are pleased with your decision.
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