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Welcome. Beautiful R1200R Classic. Perfect (y)

Indeed - a lovely classic Classic, my all-time favourite of the many Roadsters that I owned. :love: Goes to show that excellent bikes of this vintage may still be found at a reasonable price.

Here in steamy Queensland, Australia I see for sale a 2012 MY2013 Classic for sale in reportedly immaculate condition, with a mere 11040km (6859 miles) on it. The sale includes the three-piece set of genuine BMW hard luggage cases plus a tasty-looking Akra pipe, and the small BMW Sport screen. The photographs indicate that the seat is the BMW komfortsitz, for those seeking the Holy Grail of bike seats - just ask my bum! Asking AUD $14,500, which frankly seems rather optimistic to me.

Roadsters of this vintage, including Classics, are not much sought-after here, so it may linger for a while. Another local ad which has been running for over 15 months is for a 2012 Classic, asking AUD $13,950, which I have seen and sat on, and it too is impeccable condition at a mere 8500km, but it remains unsold, and clearly unwanted

I have the dosh and the desire, but I also have far too many miles and years (83 and counting) on my own clock! Sigh... 😢
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