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My oldest son got me a Cruztools Road Tech B 1 tool kit for Christmas. Well actually he got me an Amazon giftcard and I ordered it on Christmas day. It will replace the OEM plastic pouch that contained the wrench to remove the oil filler cap. The tool kit arrived on Thursday. CruzTOOLS RTB1 RoadTech B1 BMW Tool Kit: Automotive

The tool roll is too big to fit in the tail section, but it will fit nicely under the seat. There are a couple of plastic posts that stick up from the inner fender that will hold the tool roll in place when the seat is replaced and locked down.

I am probably the worlds worst mechanic, but at least now the person that helps me will have tools should the bike need emergency repairs.

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I didn't have to order a full tool kit but I did have to make sure I had all the Torx bits. Every other bike I've had used standard allen keys (hex). What did surprise me was the Torx rear wheel nuts, luckily a T50 was one of the sockets I already had.

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That is pretty neat and is a good assortment. I could not fit it under my seat as I have taken up space with an accessory fuse box.
On my tours I carry most of that, but in different forms.
I need to get a philips screwdriver like that because one of the things you often need that for is to change a bulb in a turn signal. Don't lose the screw when it falls out. Duct tape to the rescue.

An interesting thread I think on this forum would be what tools are carried routinely and on long trips.

Is there a 22mm front tire removal tool in there? Just got the Marc Parnes version, but there are others and some workarounds.

I carry three pocket knife style collections of wrenches---SAE hex, metric hex, and torx. You have all three on the r12 especially if you've farkled it. No box or open end wrenches, but I suppose an 8,9,10,11 would take a small space and may be helpful?
Small crescent wrench, small vise grip, some cable ties, minimag flashlight, extra AAs, bottle of rubbing alcohol with duct tape wrapped around it--many wraps. Swiss army knife. I have access to small aluminum bottles to carry oil--250cc (and I can get extras, you pay postage, pm me) and a few other things, but not a lot more.
I carry that stuff in a tupperware case, fits well, when I carry all of it. I have a small pump, but have to figure a way to carry it.
The 1150 s were a lot more kind to carry stuff...more nooks and crannies.

I also have the towing service with Progressive and three credit cards.:)

What did surprise me was the Torx rear wheel nuts, luckily a T50 was one of the sockets I already had.
Do you carry that on the road? I have a 50, but no way do I have something to break 60nM on the road unless I am carrying a 3/8 drive and an extension--and I don't. And if you're going to do that, you may need to carry tire irons also. 1-800-COMEGETME.

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Here is a list of what the tool kit contains:

Combination Wrenches 8, 10, 12, 13mm, and one Torx E10/12.
Crescent Wrench, (to 26mm)

Vise-Grip plier
Tire pressure gauge (0-50psi)
Wire and Zip-Ties
LED Flashlight
Hex Wrenches 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
Torx Wrenches T20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50
Four-Way screwdriver with #1 and #2 phillips and 2 flats
Small Bottle Blue Loctite
6-Pt sockets 8, 10, 13mm, and Torx E8
Vinyl Electrical Tape
22 X 19 mm axle adapter
1/4" drive wrench and extension

Honestly, I probably will not use any of them. I just like the security of having them. For anything that takes more than a simple fix, I will call roadside assistance. I have BMW's for three years and AMA's after that. I know my limitations.

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I managed to get the wheel nuts off with a 1/4" ratchet which I do carry round with me. Obviously I can't measure the torque setting but I check it regularly for tightness.

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Here ya go

Snap on 1/4" rachet handle. 3/8 square drive.
Snap on torx bits
Swiss army 1 watt LED flash light
Swiss army pocket knife "tinkerer"
7.5" Cheater pipe

21 mm hex drive and 3/8" drive shallow 12 point socket. These do not take up much space.

Waterproof matches.

I removed the rear wheel with the rachet and pipe. It worked quite well. Needs a short extension.

I keep an air pump and plug kit under the seat too.

12 R1200R.
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