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Hi All,

Newbie here! Thanks for the add.

I'm about to buy a 2017 R1200R. It's the white and blue color but I notice it has a silver finish on the forks rather than the more common gold. Does this denote anything?? Like lack of ESA? Does an ESA equipped bike still have a manual adjustment know on the rear suspension?

I'm buying this bike remotely and they're telling me it has ESA but given the above questions, I'm starting to wonder! 馃檪

Thanks in advance!


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You could ask the seller to send you a photo of the ESA control on the dashboard (with the engine running), but it looks Boxer25 already answered the question
Existence of a black electrical connector on the left fork cap will confirm ESA fitment, but I鈥檝e never heard of silver ESA forks on a 2015+ Roadster.
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2016 BMW R1200R Options and Equipment says $950 for the 2016, but IIRC it was part of a package that was like $2000 in the US, and it was REALLY hard to get anything on the bike without it being in a package... It might still have basic "ride modes", but a non-esa bike probably doesn't have very many options on it.

If you can get the bike's serial/ID#, the VIN decoders will tell you how it shipped from the factory, and ESA wasn't a dealer-added option.
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