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Oil consumption question

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I got my '09 with 9600km 3 weeks ago. I did my first training ride last weekend. It was 300km, half highway half in the mountains. We went from sea level and comfortable to almost 2000m and using the heated
grips. Today I did the same distance, but mostly highway. I found one road that suits my training purposes and did it a couple of times then for some reason had the sudden urge to check the oil level. On the center
stand the window was 2/3rds full. I've only put 900km. Is this normal?
My old RS ( 25 years ago ) didn't use any oil, if I am recalling correctly.

I want to go out again tomorrow, but I'm worrying about the oil level.
My manual is in Japanese! I'm having trouble understanding what it has to say on this. I would have come home with a quart of oil if I had any idea
it would consume oil like this.

The dealer doesn't open until late so if I go I'll have to go as it is and pick up the oil in the afternoon.

Any help anybody can give me here would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, why did my post turn out like this?( Lines of different lengths )
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After break in my bike was at bottom 1/3 of sight glass and have added less than half a quart up to my current 3000 on the odometer.
Mine 2012 didn't lose any oil upon the 600 mile service either. But I rode about 580 of those miles on twisty roads, no freeway driving and strictly adhered to the break in procdure. I still haven't hit the rev limiter yet and I have about 1100 miles on her. So what's if feel/sound like when you hit the limiter? I've got up to 8000 and that's about it. I might have to try this, you know, to clear the soot out (operational check)!
imagine feeding your dog crack and putting him in a kennel barely big enough for him to move.

As far as the oil being used I just use the Castrol car/automotive oil. We have a dry clutch and I don't think we need the additives for wet clutch although I'm sure it won't hurt. I just wanted to use something I could get almost anywhere
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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