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Off on the next adventure - World SBK at Phillip Island with Andy, picking up the rest of the crew in Canberra.
Our RV was at Flavours Cafe Boonah, live music on Sunday and frequented by all sorts of bikers, including Andy. I found him at table 22 waiting for his aged-egg omelette - the eggs were aged about 40 minutes too long it seems, but eventually arrived. The coffee was excellent and it was great to see his cheery face again.
From there we headed down the Mount Lindesay Highway to Woodenbong, then south to Tabulam, dodging potholes while taking in the views.
The run up the Bruxner Highway was better paved and free flowing, giving me a chance to bed in new tyres properly. Wildlife en route included a very healthy looking dingo, and something that scurried very quickly across the road between us - do quolls move that fast?
We chanced our arm at Tenterfield for lunch but having lost an hour with daylight saving the cafes and bakeries were all closing - it was 2pm local time. 🙄
Heading south on the New England Highway we turned towards Bald Nob only to be turned back a few kilometres down the road by a road closure. So we headed towards Glenn Innes then onto the Gwyder Highway for a delightful run up and over the Gibraltar Range before reaching our overnight stop in the Mann Valley.
No rain today, temps up to 35°C and a lovely cool evening
Plant Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive tire

Gentlemen, start your engines
Plant Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle

We’re off!
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Reserved parking next to Andy’s T120
Cloud Sky Plant Plant community Natural landscape

Mount Lindesay
Plant Sky Plant community Natural landscape Road surface

Lindesay Highway
Tire Wheel Sky Fuel tank Vehicle

Triumph love
Wheel Tire Cloud Sky Fuel tank

Heffron Lookout
Cloud Water Sky Plant Fluvial landforms of streams

Mann River
Plant Wheel Building Window Tree

Undercover parking at Mann River Caravan Park
Cloud Sky Plant Atmosphere Ecoregion

Where cattle peacefully graze

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After a beautiful sunrise, a very pleasant run down the Gwyder Highway towards Grafton, the forest occasionally bejewelled with jacaranda in full bloom. We then headed south through Coutts Crossing to the Waterfall Way in time for morning tea at Ebor. I wasn’t hungry and simply ordered a pot of tea, but the vanilla slice stared at me through the display case saying, ‘Eat me, eat me’. I succumbed, but in hindsight it was a poor decision. The slice was rather stodgy, the upside being it sustained me and the stiffness of my arteries throughout the day.
We took an early lunch at Uralla to avoid the weather we’d been catching up to, lounging back in a rather funky cafe called the Alternate Root. Make of that what you wish … This time, my menu choice was excellent - a toasted vegetables and cheese panini.
The afternoon was a lazy cruise down the New England Highway. A lot of standing water around Tamworth and into the Hunter Valley, with creeks and rivers flowing fast and brown. The pictured street in Tamworth was closed just as we passed through.
Our accommodation for the night is a comfortable motel room adjacent to the Denman Hotel - good for a feed, a few beers, and a local red.

Cloud Plant Sky Atmosphere Natural landscape

Cloud Sky Plant Natural landscape Tree

Cloud Sky Plant Rainbow Natural landscape

Plant Tire Vehicle Road surface Motorcycle

Plant Road surface Tree Natural landscape Asphalt

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive parking light

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Motor vehicle

Note Ducati Supersport silhouette
Smile Wood Plant Community Art

This weird guy keeps following me
Cloud Sky Tire Wheel Car

This road was closed as we went through
Cloud Sky Plant Natural landscape Cumulus

This is not a lake. Well it isn’t normally.

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We set off this morning with bright sunshine bathing the early morning Hunter Valley as we headed down the Golden Highway. Green meadows and the occasional vineyard then gave way to huge open cut coal mines - intriguing to the little boy in me with their huge Tonka-like tipper trucks, but at the same time, a relic of the Industrial Age.
We turned down the delightful Putty Road, unfortunately somewhat hamstrung by nanny speed limits that disrupt the flow. Like the green meadows and coal mines, the smell of new wattle blossom was juxtaposed with that of the occasional road kill.
Then over to the Bells Line of Road, stopping at Bilpin for a coffee. Being apple country, Andy had to have a freshly baked apple pie, with a ‘dollop’ of cream almost as big as the pie itself.
On then to Mount Victoria and Oberon (for lunch) then making our way through undulating pasture land through Crookwell, Gunning and Sutton to stay overnight with friends in Canberra. Beers, wine, whiskey and true lies - the usual stuff when biker friends get together.
A cool day that got cooler as the day wore on, reminding me of why we moved to the Sunshine Coast.

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Plant Fuel tank

Food Tableware Dishware Plate Drinkware

Would you like some pie with that cream, sir?
Sky Automotive tire Motor vehicle Plant Automotive lighting

Bells Line of Road
Cloud Sky Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Mount Victoria
Tire Water Wheel Plant Automotive tire

Debris from higher water levels
Cloud Sky Water Plant Tree

I sent Andy through on the Triumph to test the waters
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Helmet

There’s a bit of GS in every BMW

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Canberra being Canberra, it was 9°C when we set off this morning, and yet school kids at the bus stop were in shorts and short sleeved shirts. 🥶
We were a bit later than planned - our host cooked bacon and eggs for all and made me a bucket of tea while I chatted to his wife about dogs (no cats ). We rendezvoused at Calwell servo with the remaining three of our party, 20 minutes later than the departure time we’d insisted on. Whoops!
Andy and I were the only bitumen riders, with a longer route to take, so we set off first. Not far down the Monaro Highway, threatening clouds turned liquid and for the next half hour we rode through sleet, the temperature having dropped to 3°C, the dash blinking a warning at me.
It passed, and with a bit of sunshine, 9° felt warm. Canberra suffered big hail storms and some snow, while our desire riders rode through falling snow on the Bobeyan Road.
We stopped for coffee at the renowned Nimmitabel Bakery, served by a very cheery young lady who brightened every customer’s day - and I told her so, for which she was .
Before long, it was time to tackle the Bonang Highway, named a highway back in the days when such a noun could be applied to any route that could passably be navigated. The bitumen was in reasonable repair, although subsidence over the years has taken its toll and 3/4 of us rather ‘dippy’. The gravel section was quite smooth, and gritty. The final 25km into Orbost was fantastic. It is more recently paved and sight lines more open. As a bonus, it was dry!
I settled into a pie at the Orbost bakery while I waited for the more conservative Andy to arrive.
A transit section followed to get to Buchan on the main highway, often heavily policed and in Victoria you can be booked for exceeding the speed limit for as little as 3 km/h.
Then the fun stated again, heading up the Great Alpine Road to Orbost, before continuing on to Benambra for the night. The section that follows the Tamba River is sublime - up there with the best of my favourites.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Forming up at Calwell
Tire Wheel Plant Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Bonang Highway here we come, doo-dah, do-dah … 🎶
Plant Sky Natural landscape Road surface Tree

Gravel section.
Wheel Tire Crankset Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire

At least it isn’t dusty
Plant Cloud Sky Tire Vehicle

Andy exiting the gravel section
Plant Plant community Tree Wood Natural landscape

There be dragons …
Food Table Tableware Ingredient Custard tart

Hurry up Andy - not many left
Tire Wheel Cloud Plant Sky

The mainland’s highest peak, Mount Kosciusko at right on the horizon

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I headed off solo this morning, leaving the others to fluff around on the dirt and bitumen for another day while I headed ‘straight’ for Phillip Island.
The run down the Great Alpine Road wasn’t as satisfying as yesterday. Early morning rain had left the track, I mean, road rather wet, advising an even greater level of caution.
Planning to go through Bairnsdale, I thought it a good opportunity to catch up with cousin Peter and Julie for a cuppa - thanks guys for the short notice hospitality. 👌
I then meandered through Gippsland to the track, picked up my credentials and gear, established my campsite and headed to Cowes for fuel and some weekend supplies. Unfortunately the old pine trees in the officials campground with their lovely soft bed of needles have been removed, so my site is more exposed than otherwise.
Tomorrow morning isn’t too early a start - sign-on from 6am with briefing at 6.40. I’m flag marshalling on the infield of turn 2 (TF2.0L) so should see plenty of action. Let the games begin…
This evening I visited the famous Phillip Island Penguin Parade, where fairy penguins nervously form up in groups for fear of predators and make their way up the beach as fast as they can to their colony and burrows.
I heard on the grapevine Ironbutt @mikeS smashed out 740km Sydney to Bright the indirect way today. Likely on his second espresso martini in a local cocktail bar by now.

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Fuel tank

Departing Benambra
Cloud Sky Plant Natural landscape Mountain

Heading back into Omeo
Cloud Sky Plant Natural landscape Tree

Prime dairy country in Gippsland near Kongwak. You may be able to see a conga line of cows coming up the hill from the left, likely heading for the dairy for afternoon milking.
Cloud Sky Water Plant Natural landscape

View from the campground across Southern Loop to the ocean
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle

There, I fixed it
Tire Wheel Sky Cloud Plant

My campsite
Cloud Water Sky Beach Fluid

Waiting for the penguins to come in from the sea and head for their colony and burrows
Bird Plant community Ecoregion Beak Ducks, geese and swans

This is not a penguin

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Nah - I just moved your post into the thread, @mikeS. Same topic.

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Today we were blessed with fine weather to kick off the event and shake down marshalling procedures. The weather looks to be deteriorating, especially Sunday.
Events were free practice and, for national classes, qualifying and one race (Supersport 300). There were no major incidents on our corner, the Southern Loop. My role is to operate the LED warning panel for our sector, which is pretty straightforward except I need to do a lot of swivelling to cover my sector of responsibility. If you watch the racing on TV, a small map of the circuit will sometimes appear showing the sector(s) affected by yellow flags - this graphic mirrors the LED panel’s status, and I responsible for sector 2.
This evening I went into San Remo to have dinner with the remainder of our riding party and none other than @mikeS was able to join us - great to catch up face to face again.
Sky Afterglow Water Cloud Dusk

Dawn over the Southern Loop
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Sky

I believe this is the Roadster of @MichaelD
Orange Chair Crowd Military camouflage Event

Light Black Oscilloscope Gadget Audio equipment

Automotive tire Automotive design Red Motorsport Automotive wheel system

Tire Bicycle Wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel


Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire

Westernport Hotel
Clothing Glasses Smile Tableware Drinkware

We could be taken for twins

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Don’t know, @acbxrider - renting bikes isn’t common here. Google is your friend.

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This is my preferred route through Gippsland, @mikeS. It’s half an hour longer than the coastal route but is more interesting and avoids the flat areas as much as practicable.
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As Mike says, a great day at the track, despite the weather. No major dramas at our pinpoint, but a few heart in the mouth moments and the safety car got a bit crossed up a few times.
The after work bbq was very enjoyable, with a number of notable people interviewed. Of particular note was Troy Corser’s description of his win on the 98 year old supercharged BMW, in response to a question. He tapped John McGuinness on the backside as he passed him as that’s what John had done to him the year prior, unaware that he was taking the lead. Pressing on at ‘best speed’ his aggregate time was short enough to win the event. It was particularly satisfying as McGuinness was on a newly blue-printed Manx Norton and the BMW was big stock original, down to every nut and bolt. The win brought the owner, who had built the bike, to tears.
Sky Cloud Building Plant Grass

All quiet in the pits, ready for the day’s action.
Vehicle Helmet Tire Motor vehicle Workwear

Brew time at Turn 2.
Cloud Sky Water resources Water Ecoregion

The sun and blue sky finally broke through in the late afternoon, but tomorrow promises rain. Whilst Mike kicks back in his resort, critiquing the quirky menu, I’m listening to heavy rain pattering on my little tent, and the sound of running water around me.
Podium Coat Crowd Chair Suit

The Paddock Show.
Beer Drinkware Yellow Alcoholic beverage Finger

There are advantages in the naming rights sponsor being an excellent local brewery.👌
Baseball cap Cap Belt Hat Competition event

The faces behind the voices of Workd SBK commentary, Alex Raby and Steve English.
Smile Microphone Gesture Cap Baseball cap

Garrett Gerloff World SBK #31.
Smile Face Cap Sleeve Cricket cap

Cap Eyewear Smile T-shirt Baseball cap

Aussie Troy Corser, 2x World SBK, 1x Aust and 1x US Superbike champion.

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It seemed to rain all night at the track. Fortunately my tent remained watertight - other campers weren’t so fortunate. Despite an ominous forecast, Sunday’s racing wasn’t unduly affected, with heavier weather mainly between events.
The Tissot Superpole Race started on a wet track and most of the field ran a full wet front tyre and intermediate rear (same compound as a slick, but grooved). Of the fancied runners, only Bautista ran full slicks. His team must have looked out of the pit garage window, asked a local, or even checked the online weather radar, as their judgement proved correct. After tippy toeing around for much of the race, as the track dried he moved readily forward from 13th position to take the lead from the Kawasaki boys and Toprak as they started to struggle with their tyres. Rea tried on vain to mount a challenge but remained unsuccessful.
The final World SBK race was also a cracker but was red flagged when Xavi Fores overcooked Turn 1 and t-boned an unsuspecting Eugene Laverty in his final SBK race before retirement. It was a big one, with Laverty and his bike tumbling violently across the infield.
Laverty was motionless then raised only one arm to call for assistance while Xavi was running straight over to him then immediately signalingor medical assistance. Laverty has been diagnosed with a pelvic injury and was helicoptered to a Melbourne hospital.
As we packed up, a very heavy rain storm set in. My path back to the marshals shed took me to the path of Laverty’s bike and a chance to ponder the ferocity of the crash.
There was a gap in the rainstorm as I started packing up and @MichaelD stopped by fir a chat. But when it came time to pack up the tent, rain once again set in.
The ride back to my son’s place in Melbourne started okay but 20 minutes out a severe rain storm hit, with sheets of rain buffeting the Panzer and me, and very difficult visibility. My rain gear couldn’t quite cope and I arrived with a wet crutch and damp feet. A hot shower and a couple reds fixed that.
Today is a rest day, visiting family in Geelong and a friend nearby.
Tarpaulin Tent Shade Camping Tree

Not my campsite!
Jeans Sky Cloud City Leisure

The Green Army marching towards the Orange Army for the group photo. We outnumbered them, but not by much.
Sky Plant Cloud Tree Asphalt

We did have periods of sunshine.
Sky Sports uniform Workwear Plant Orange

My colleagues and me. We were so slick, we were known as Team WD40.
Photo credit Rebecca from Pit Lane Studio. She may not have the most expensive rig, but takes some cracker action shots of the bikes (and marshals …)
Food Tableware Ingredient Staple food Baked goods

One of my colleagues spiced up his sandwich.
Cloud Sky Natural landscape Highland Asphalt

Most of the heavy weather was to the north.
Cloud Sky Ecoregion Vehicle Automotive tire

I’m the orange dot at the left of the flag point.
Natural landscape People in nature Agriculture Grass Plant

The trajectory of Laverty’s bike.
Snow Slope Carmine Winter Art

One of two small pieces of carbon fibre from Laverty’s bike I noticed at the initial impact area, missed by marshals attending the carnage immediately following the crash.
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Great effort, @mikeS! The Hume Highway is a killer - you could easily die of boredom.
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What a great epistle. I did enjoy the read.
Did you guys visit The Christmas Shop at Bright? It is like something out of a Hollywood movie and well worth seeing.
(Lake Macquarie, NSW)
Thanks Ken
I’ve been through Bright on numerous Phillip Island trips, and can’t say I’ve noticed the Christmas shop. Does that mean I’m off Santa’s good list?
I’ve recently been to one in Oberammergau though, and that was pretty special.
Furniture Table Wood Leisure Market

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After yesterday’s rain/hail storms in Melbourne, this morning’s cool, calm and overcast outlook was very welcome. My goal was to rendezvous with the remainder of our party at our overnight venue.
I don’t have the mental fortitude of @mikeS to take the Highway of Doom, so ‘reluctantly’ headed up through Healesville to the Black Spur, on to the Jamieson-Eildon Road, over the Wombat Range, through King Valley to Beechworth then on to the Murray River valley to Jingellic, across the river and up to Batlow. Essentially it was a replay of my return from the recent MotoGP except instead of stopping at Walwa, a little further to Batlow, 615 km in total.
The run out of Melbourne was easy, being able to filter to the front at lights. The Black Spur was deserted, surprisingly, but unfortunately wet so couldn’t be enjoyed to its full extent. I would have preferred to take the Reefton Spur for variety but it remains closed due to landslip.
The Jamison-Eildon Road was also wet, with significant leaf/bark litter. In this condition, it deserves extra respect - I can confirm that the coefficient of friction of stringy-bark is something approaching 0.001 and there was much evidence of fallen trees having recently been cleared. Near the end of the road, my path was blocked by one such tree. I ripped as many limbs off as possible with my bare hands (well, gloved hands) and managed to squeeze past on the mossy edge. Perhaps I need a rope saw in my tool kit - I bet that @mikeS already has one!
I did wonder about the possibility of being hit by a falling tree but dismissed it as the day was calm. Later in the day though, a few kilometres from Kiewa, a car was being loaded onto a tilt tray having just suffered that fate.
After refuelling at Mansfield the road dried and I had high hopes of a dry run over the Wombat Range. Of course with the change in altitude, I was disappointed, but it was still heaps of fun as it is a more open road with mainly sweeping bends.
I stopped at the Milawa Bakery to sample a chunky beef and pepper pie and was warmed and satisfied. It passed muster on the Panzer Pie Scale.
On through Beechworth and into the sweeping corners of the River Murray Valley. I was delighted to find the Granya Gap was dry, encouraging a spirited run. Very satisfying.
More of the flowing corners of the valley before turning into New South Wales and heading up from the valley towards Tumbarumba. Another fun time before the potholes set in, providing an entertaining slalom course - or moguls if you get it wrong.
My colleagues had a much shorter ride for the day and were well settled into the old pub at Batlow when I arrived.
Plant Sky Natural landscape Leaf Natural environment

Black Spur
Tire Wheel Plant Fuel tank Vehicle

Pit stop at Marysville
Wheel Tire Plant Fuel tank Vehicle

The damp, misty Jamieson-Eildon Road
Tire Wheel Plant Automotive lighting Vehicle

Cloud Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle

Lookout at Tallangatta, the town that was moved in the 1950’s due to the building and flooding of the Hume Weir.
Tire Plant Vehicle Wheel Motor vehicle

Sign at the Granya Road.
Font Material property Signage Rectangle Room
Our pub at Batlow

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The sign on the Batlow pub bathroom wall was very good advice, as it turns out. I think the hot water must be piped from the nearby town of Tumut, going by the time taken for it to arrive. But once there, it was hot and very much appreciated on a brisk morning.
Andy is the route planner and I was happy to go with whatever he recommended and could handle, given he is presently recovering from COVID.
Once at Gundagai, we droned up the Doom (Hume) Highway, in the interests of efficiency. Along the way, I amused myself with random thoughts of insignificant importance. Even though I could not share these, which I am rather prone to doing (just ask Frau Panzer) the riding seemed all the better in the company of Andy on his Triumph.
We stopped for fuel and coffee at Trappers Bakery, Goulburn. Nothing against the coffee and food, but it isn’t a place to relax - production line counter service (a necessity I suppose) and dreadful ambience, with 70s/80s rock being played too loud on tinny speakers. It was a relief to get back on the road. My Google review reflected our experience. 3/5 stars.
By Mittagong, we’d had enough of the Doom and turned onto the Highland Way, stamping ground of @mikeS. We picked our way through Bundanoon and Exeter, past their pseudo British estates with rock walls and iron gates, then took the back way to Penrith. The temperature had climbed to mid 20’s at Mittagong, and high 20’s by Thirlmere, where we stripped off some layers opposite a very interesting looking rail museum.
Curiously on either side of Penrith were numerous gauche but expensive new mansions. If I had that kind of money, I don’t think I’d build there.
On to Windsor where we had a late lunch at a burger and wings joint, chosen because it had a toilet. I got sucked in by the meal deal offer (drink and chips), the whole lot sustaining me well through the afternoon.
A post-prandial run up the Putty Road kept the food coma at bay, running on through Singleton then Dungog and finally arriving at Gloucester, our overnight stop, at dusk. Two GS1200’s are also parked at our hotel, neither having accumulated as much dirt as the Panzer. Similarly a couple at Goulburn. Charlie and Ewan wannabes I reckon. 😄
Interestingly, I’ve heard the road between Dungog and Stroud was actually made by filling bitumen into adjacent potholes in the original gravel road built in colonial days, resulting in an interesting pattern of overlapping circles. Any smooth sections are simply subsequent improvements using current road building technology and materials. Sounds legit to me.
About 765 km all up, today - a good effort by Andy, considering his delicate condition. It was my idea to load up today and tomorrow so Friday is only a half day, so thanks Andy for accommodating me.

Food Tableware Table Ingredient Recipe

Plant Sky Road surface Asphalt Thoroughfare

Andy and his T120 Bonneville rumbling up the Putty Road.
Sky Plant Cloud Plant community Natural landscape

Plant Sky Plant community Ecoregion Mountain

Nice to have the afternoon sun behind us.
Plant Tree Natural landscape Road surface Wood

Tableware Table Drinkware Barware Beer

I wasn’t striking a pose, just sorting my helmet-hair

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Thank you for another enjoyable read.

I have ridden through Dungog, ONCE, and I wouldn’t be back there in a hurry. Whenever I think of Dungog I remember the pothole patchwork and the main street was the worst.
I wish I’d have taken a photo - beautiful patina on that road. 😂
Nicely writ and illustrated, Pz, but it seems a pretty hard way to spend several days, what with wet camping conditions et al. But hats-off for your perseverance!
It’s the challenging ones you tell true lies about for years to come, @Lawrence of Suburbia . Besides, being part of the team, I’d feel like I was letting the others down if I didn’t turn up - they’re always short of marshals at World SBK Phillip Island.

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We headed off this morning with blue skies and the blustery rain/hailstorms of Victoria a distant memory.
We started with lovely run up the range on Thunderbolts Way, so named presumably because it’s the route colonial bushranger Thunderbolt took on his way to work each day. Most of the surface is Macadamised, with occasional patches of Pot-holian construction, presumably for heritage purposes, and often on corners to test the suppleness of the bike’s suspension.
Our morning tea stop was at Walcha - the Royal was as charming as usual, and it was nice to have reserved parking outside, even if it wasn’t reserved for me.
After a lamb pie and potato scallop lunch (yes, wholesome, hey …) the afternoon got warmer as we descended, eventually reaching 32°C before cooling in the late afternoon with cloud cover.
Our overnight stay is a country pub in Allora - accommodation in a pub not open for drinks (there’s a song about that), while drinks and eats were at the Railway Hotel.
Only a short run home tomorrow to Frau Panzer and the Panzerhunden.
Sky Plant Plant community Mountain Natural landscape
Nice to have the sun behind us as we set off.

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

An empty threat - the bike was still there after our coffee..
Plant Table Furniture Flowerpot Houseplant

Bird Beak Feather Ladder Engineering

No muffin for you!!
Cloud Sky Plant Ecoregion Blue

Wispy clouds provided endless entertainment
Tire Cloud Wheel Sky Plant

You’re not in Kansas now, Toto, you’re in Texas
Sky Building Cloud Window Plant

Our accommodation
Automotive parking light Building Automotive lighting Vehicle Car

The joint is jumpin’! (as much as it ever does)


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It’s a lazy red wattlebird, @Erwin_GX - I say lazy because they’re predominantly nectar feeders but this one has worked out there are sweet crumbs available for the taking at the cafe. They’re not normally this bold around people. There’s a yellow wattled version too.


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We awoke and headed off about the same time as yesterday, except clocks said it was an hour earlier. Queenslanders won’t have daylight saving - it would fade their curtains, put the cows off their milk and the chooks would stop laying.
It was already 20° as we rode away, with the invigorating aroma of dew on fertile soil. The effect reminded me of my childhood - dew on stubble and the sandy soil of the family farm in the Mallee of western Victoria where we would holiday over summer.
We headed off to Esk for breakfast via the Gatton Clifton Road, which follows a picturesque valley that links the Darling Downs with the Lockyer Region. Angie’s Country Cafe provided a relaxed atmosphere to kick back and enjoy a lazy breakfast, neither of us having any urgency to complete the last legs of our journey - after all, we were an hour early.
We eventually went our separate ways, me heading up through Kilcoy and Caboolture before riding north to Buderim to my dear understanding wife and faithful hounds.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Window

Setting off from Allora
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

And to think we didn’t take any dirt/gravel roads. Out with the pressure washer and the toothbrush.
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Looking forward to brekky.
Tableware Food Ingredient Bivalve Seafood

Mushrooms on toast - deconstructed.
Bird Green Beak Plant Wood

We were joined at brekky by a blue-faced honeyeater, colloquially known as the bananabird. The birds find Andy really attractive, it seems.
Sky Water Plant Water resources Cloud

Somerset Lake
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting

Home and hosed. 5395km on this little adventure. Come February, rinse and repeat for World SBK 2023.
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