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I forgot to mention, Shamrock is where the Hoonitruck made it appearance in Gymkana 10...

To close out Texas, there was that museum...
Wheel Sky Tire Building Window

Then I had trouble finding a phot/viewing location for the Oklahoma welcome sign, as a stub road shown on Google didn't exist in real life, and again had to backtrack about 5 miles. I got the shot, though!

Motor vehicle Plant Sky Asphalt Road surface

I also got to see a great sunset as I swapped out my smoked visor for a clear one.

Cloud Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle

The next stop was Clinton, OK for a picture of the Route 66 Museum there. I think this is one of my best pictures on the trip so far...
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting

Then I finally headed for Oklahoma City - only I wasn't really. There was an event there, so my wife picked an available hotel (slim pickings) on Rt 66 on the far side of OKC, about 120 miles from Clinton. I finally got to the hotel at 11:30 local time having lost another hour that day. Yes, I had crossed 2 time zones, and 1 state that didn't change to Daylight Savings Time. Oiy - it was a long hot day, and about 650 miles of driving. I had left a day earlier than planned, so decided to rest for a day and do laundry in the morning. I booked a room where I had planned on stopping now that there was one available. Got up, did laundry, headed out and took a route off the freeway, gathering a few photos along the way to make the 3pm check-in time for the next night.
Glasses Hairstyle Vision care Sky Facial expression

Sky Plant Temple Sculpture Tree

I stopped at a BBQ joint for lunch along the way, had a little smoked turkey, a half a sausage, and some coleslaw and creamed corn.
Food Bottle Tableware Ingredient Table

After a restful night, I headed out, hoping to get to the Meremac Campground outside St Louis, MO by the end of the day.

More to come on that...

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First stop on leaving OKC was something with the OKC name on it - so I found a cute little post office in the Stockyards part of town. OKC used to be one of the areas where cattle were driven to for sale and processing...
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Motor vehicle

The day started off well, with temps in the 80's instead of the 90-110 degrees of previous days, but there was a definite change as I made my way east - the humidity increased. On my way out of OKC I also stopped at the historical Milk Bottle Grocery.
Sky Daytime Photograph Blue Architecture

Then out Rt 66 to Arcadia for a stop at Pop's where they have hundreds if not thousands of flavors of bottled soda, arranged by color instead of brand.
Sky Wheel Tire Fuel tank Daytime

Here's the exterior display window and a pano of most of the inside - coolers of sodas on each end.
Textile Line Font Urban design Wood

Building Lighting Vehicle Electricity City

I selected a Route 66 Cream Soda and a set of stickers, and a new Rt 66 hat.

Vehicle Fuel tank Motor vehicle Automotive tire Plant

I kept going on Route 66 - aka Oklahoma 66...
Sky Plant Motor vehicle Vehicle Road surface

And going, and going... through small town after small town, many with a lot of character. In Stroud I stopped at a place the wife and I had been to 18 years ago, as we ended up following about a year behind the Cars crew that toured as research for the first Cars movie. Radiator Springs is a mix of many of the small towns along the route, and several say that their town is "the one"... The Cozy Cone motel is definitely derived from the Wigmam Motels, the paint shop is heavily influenced by that Conoco in Shamrock, and the land around Radiator Springs has a lot of Arizona and New Mexico features... Anyway, The Rock Cafe, pictured here, had a lot of sketches in their guest book, as the artists all did a little something. Then, in 2008 the original structure suffered a fire and lost a lot of the original memorabilia. Really sad.

Plant Sky Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

And so I continued on... and on... and the temperature reached the upper 90's again, only today I was in humid country instead of the arid zone. I made it to Tulsa alive, and got a couple more pictures before stopping for lunch.
Forehead Green Beard Natural environment Sky

Yes, that's the new hat. The old one was getting old, and this one is well ventilated.

This picture is of the Gold Driller, an ode to the oil boom days of the area... I accidentally provided a fig leaf (He's wearing pants, anyway...), but it makes the picture more fun, don't you think?

Tire Wheel Sky Land vehicle Vehicle

And that fills the 10-picture limit for this post, but I have a whale of a story to complete in the next post, so stay tuned!

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And after that buildup, I made it to Catoosa for a BBQ sandwich before heading out to the Blue Whale of Catoosa! 🥁

Plant Plant community Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Many miles later I was at the border of OK and KS, and was able to get 4 pictures within a few hundred yards of each other, some just a change in camera angle...

Forehead Chin Hairstyle Beard Cap

Forehead Green Beard Cap Human

Forehead Hairstyle White Beard Organ

The above three were side-by-side signs, so an angle change was all that was needed. The Welcome to Baxter Springs was a few hundred yards down the road...

Sky Fuel tank Plant Automotive tire Motorcycle

Even after looking at that sign, I managed to forget that I wanted a picture of the bridge itself. Sigh. I was rushing, as I was running behind for my next night. Ended upcutting the day short anyway. But on with the show!
In Baxter Springs I stopped at the visitors center, then made a trip to the post office to send some stuff that I didn't want to keep carrying home.

Sky Tire Property Wheel Window

And found an R for the platinum Wander Farther challenge (Each letter of Wander Farther from a city/town in a different state.)

Sky Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Tree

Then found the state line between Kansas and Missouri to be tricky to get - with a little help from the barmaid at a tiny tavern there. Hopefully this is accepted for the States Along 66 challenge.

Plant Tree Sky Asphalt Road surface

Another state of course means another Rt 66 sign...
Tire Plant Sky Motor vehicle Wheel

Unfortunately I also missed a location in Galena before leaving Kansas... But I remembered to stop at the Joplin sign!
Sky Motor vehicle Car Plant Vehicle

Next up, I arrive in Springfield, and then travel beyond and back!

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From Joplin, I road to Carthage for a movie. I would have liked to see Jurassic World at this theater, but the showtimes didn't work with my schedule...
Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

Plant Motor vehicle Tree Land lot Grass

By now, combined with high 90's heat and high humidity, it was starting to get too late in the day to make it all the way to the campground I'd planned to stay at. The next stop was Red's Giant Hamburger on the outskirts of Springfield MO, so I stopped, had a burger, and booked a room in Springfield.

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Land vehicle

Once at the hotel I took pictures of my trip odometers. As of June 14th, 5 days in, just over 326 miles for the day when I'd planned a little over 500, and the trip had been 1870 miles. So I took a dip in the pool and contemplated next steps. In the lobby later that evening, I met a guy named Charlie who wanted to go for a day ride. So we planned for a 10am departure, and I put together a 200-300 mile loose route to pick up tags between Springfield and St Louis.

The first stop was the Route 66 Diner in Saint Robert, where we had lunch.
Cloud Sky Plant Asphalt Road surface

Then on to the Uranus Fudge Factory a couple miles down the road.

Sky Cloud Neighbourhood Public space Vehicle

After that it was another 80 miles, much of which we did on Rt 66, to Weir on 66 in Cuba,MO. The proprietor took my picture for me, and gave each of us a couple of stickers that normally sell for a dollar a piece. Charlie bought us ice cream, and we cooled a bit before heading to nearly the last stop of the day on the way back,choosing side roads instead of the interstate.

Sky Tire Wheel Cloud Vehicle

Cruising the backroads of Missouri we made our way to Edgar Springs (another letter for Wander Farther). It was a nice change of scenery, riding in the Mark Twain National Forest. I saw a Cardinal fly across the road and land so I could see it clearly, and later a Pileated woodpecker.

Fuel tank Tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive tire

This cool, run down building was across the street:
Plant Sky Building Window Tree

After that it was 20 or so miles of scenic, somewhat curvy roads back to the interstate for an 80-90 mile ride back to Springfield. About 30 miles out we stopped to check out...

Wheel Car Automotive parking light Cloud Tire

That brings my story up to date. Tomorrow morning I check out of this hotel, and check in at the rally, find a place to pitch a tent, and then see where we go from there. Now planning on heading to Chicago after the rally, and finding a route home from there.

Dave in NE TN USA
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Awesome trip, report and pics! Thank you for the vicarious journey so far!

Get Your Kicks On Route 66!

Cheers! Dave

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Nice trip report! Was yer beard white before you started? I ask only because mine turned when I was about 30, shortly after my 4th daughter was born. I blame it all on her, and her siblings.

Dave in NE TN USA
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Yup, hereditary, get it from your kids.

Cheers, Dave

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Was white before. Had my 52nd b-day at the rally on Saturday, celebrated by going for a ride. And getting a free beer from the server at the rally, too. :)

I'll continue the report another time, rode 480-ish miles collecting pics today on the way to Joliet, heading into Chicago tomorrow for the start of the route sign. Woke up at 4am this morning and it's now almost 2 am, laundry is almost done.

But, here's something to enjoy in the meantime.


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Been on the run for the last few days, and no internet at the rally, but time to try and update a little...

First day of the rally I spent a lot of time resting in the shade, perusing the vendors, setting up camp, and talking to MANY MANY people. Day 2 (Friday) I took a beer-tour-bus out to the Piney River Brewery. The beer was good, but I and a few other people had trouble enjoying it. The road out was a bit curvy and went up & down a lot through the countryside. :sick: One of the older (than I) couples fortunately had Dramamine available. (I was not the worst off person, and was able to hold my stomach in tact for the trip out.)

Plant Sky Window Building Land lot

I tasted 4 samples, drank 1, and passed off the other 4.

Tableware Drinkware Barware Stemware Apéritif

The days were very warm, usually low 90's and high humidity. Made for pretty sunsets, but miserable sleeping conditions in a tent.
Sky Cloud Atmosphere Amber Afterglow

Saturday was my birthday, so I headed out for a day ride back to Baxter Springs, KS. On the way out, I hit another 000 type mark on the odometer.

Motor vehicle Font Auto part Technology Musical instrument

I stopped for a Route 66 soda on the way out at one of the neat little places along the old highway. Took backroads all the way. Along one farm road I help a moss covered box turtle across the road so that s/he wouldn't get run over.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle

Since I was off the beaten track it was easy to finally get a good picture of a Welcome sign at the Missouri state border, too.

Vehicle Plant Vehicle registration plate Motor vehicle Car

I pulled onto the Baxter Springs rainbow bridge for a couple of nice pictures. The "rainbow" is for the shape, not the color, as this is one of I think 2 remaining concrete arch bridges remaining in the US, and the only one on Route 66.

Sky Plant Tree Road surface Tied-arch bridge

After Baxter Springs I headed to Galena for the mural there, and also found a tile in the sidewalk with a little detail about the town.

Plant Sky World Fence Paint

Rectangle Brick Font Brickwork Art

Next up I'll share pictures from returning to the rally, then from there the trip north to Chicago, and a little detour that delays my return trip home.

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I'll get back to my story soon, had a great time at the rally, made it to Chicago, and then went to visit Mt dad. Currently headed for Reno from Salt Lake City. Tomorrow will be 395 to socal, and home.

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OK - back to the story. Heading back to Springfield along Route 66, there are lots of little things to see... Like this old Sinclair station revitalized as a nice little tourist wayside, museum, and gift store. I bought a soda and a t-shirt for the wife.

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Plant

Sky Cloud Wheel Tire Plant

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Cloud

Plant Wheel Car Tire Building

Down the road a little farther was this cool abandoned stone building. The guy at the Sinclair station said this was a shoe factory, and local dance/gathering hall on the second floor - where they also held bare knuckle prize fights. I took a few pictures both outside and in.

Plant Sky Tree Building Grass

Plant Natural landscape Terrestrial plant Tree Bedrock

Plant Natural landscape Wood Tree Trunk

After that it was back to the rally for closing ceremonies and "ringing the anvil"... They put a 50 or 100 lb anvil on top of some explosive, and blow it into the air... Quite the bang, and the anvil travelled about 6 stories into the air, landing about 10 feet from where it started.

The next morning I headed for St Louis to continue my Coddiwomple into Illinois and points north.

Sky Motor vehicle Bicycle handlebar Water Grass

I stopped at Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, but the line was far too long for me to try a "Concrete".

Clothing White Smile Window Sky

With that I was on my way to Illinois, where I met a nice couple from upstate NY doing the same thing I was before heading home.

Gesture Khaki pants Brickwork Brick Font

From here, we kind of leap-frogged from stop to stop collecting photos for points, trading cameras every now and again.

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There was this place along the route with an ice cream counter and huge hall converted into an antique mall, with a bunch of large figures out front - perfect for some points in the "Titans Among Us" challenge. Supposed to be purely fictional characters...

Window Building Automotive tire Motor vehicle House

Other statues there included a giant waitress, a classic muffler man, and a dude in shorts...

Photograph Wheel Vertebrate Tire Mammal
White Blue Green Human Sky
Shorts Beard Cap Gesture Finger

Some other classic americana as well...
Gesture Sculpture Art Statue Lawn ornament
Horse Statue Sculpture Mammal Art
Shoe Hat Fashion Entertainment Sneakers

From there it was a trip up the freeway through Springfield to the old mill museum in Lincoln, IL where my new friends took another picture for me.

Sky Plant Tire Building Window

And here they are again in Pontiac IL. Older couple riding a K1600GTL with a nice sidecar rig - "Robyn's Nest"

Wheel Tire Property Sky Infrastructure

We called it a day, and had pizza together before I continued on alone to Joliet, IL while they booked a room in Pontiac.

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On the way to Joliet, I snagged two more tags, both were old gas stations from the original route.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Light Motor vehicle
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting

Then, of course there is the Gemini Giant outside the Launching Pad restaurant...
Green Glove Tire Headgear Plant

This is also where I took a video of the backlit Rt 66 sign.

The next day I finished Route 66 in Chicago!
Building Skyscraper High-visibility clothing Sky Infrastructure

I think this is an R1200R Rockster that I parked next to while getting the above picture.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire

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From Chicago I headed to Plano, IL for some sort of Plano related picture...
Wheel Tire Sky Fuel tank Vehicle

The history here... See the mouse perched on the drybag? My maternal grandfather had a sailboat, named "Catspaw" and he was it's mascot. Plano, IL is where my dad was born, just before the family migrated west to Oregon. His other three siblings were all born in Oregon. So I thought it would be cool to get a picture from the town where he was born.

The next couple of stops were more for the cool signs than anything else, although some places will become letters in my submission for the Wander Farther Platinum challenge.

A little Norwegian settlement in the middle of Illinois on my way to Iowa:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Plant

Just a cool "welcome to" sign.
Tire Plant Wheel Sky Vehicle

A nice sunset as I was getting close to Cedar Rapids.

Tire Sky Land vehicle Wheel Cloud

I spent the night in Cedar Rapids, IA then headed up to Minnetonka MN to visit my dad for a day. Along the way, I stopped at Indepenence, IA and took a look at their old train museum, as it was a stop on the Central line years ago.

Sky Plant Building Window Land lot

Train Sky Infrastructure Wheel Asphalt

Just down the road, the ODO tripped another milestone...

Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Wheel

And I eventually crossed into MN.

Sky Tire Cloud Plant Wheel
Property Sky Architecture Wood Font

Since I'd crossed into Iowa over the Mississippi, there wasn't an opportunity to get the "welcome" sign, so I doubled back a few hundred yards to get the sign.

Sky Plant Cloud Ecoregion Nature

For those that might be trying to keep track, that's 9 states now, 10 including my home state of CA...

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Something I forgot to mention... I passed through an Amish settlement in Iowa, where a horse & cart pulled out coming to me with a mother and young son. I slowed to keep the bike as quiet as possible, and waved as I went by. A few miles later I took a left, and a few miles after that came to another road crossing - there was that horse and cart again, just pulling to a stop near the intersection. They gave a big wave, so I waved back as I went by. I think the son wanted another look at the bike and the guy in full gear and black w/gold face space helmet... LOL!

I stopped for lunch at a Dairy Queen that had this historic info plaque on the wall - DQ was the first to serve "soft-serve" ice cream, in Joliet, IL.
Font Picture frame Art Publication Visual arts

I got to Dad's place in the afternoon, and spent another day there visiting, and shipping a couple things home to lighten the load just a little.

Now on my way to Crete, NE - a little south of Licoln, NE, I found another titan - the Happy Chef at a roadside restaurant in southern MN.
Sky Blue Sculpture Lawn ornament Vehicle

And another nice "Welcome" sign in Iowa (again)...

Tire Wheel Plant Sky Vehicle

Then I crossed the Missouri River at Sioux City into Nebraska (10, or 11 states, now.)

Sky Rectangle Font Advertising Signage

I passed through Homer, Winslow, and Fremont NE on the way to Crete where it looked like a storm was coming.

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Ecoregion Afterglow

Another day, more long straight roads through middle America - at least some of the towns have cool names:
Tire Plant Wheel Fuel tank Automotive tire

Sky Wheel Cloud Tire Plant

And then more straight long roads through eastern CO to a little north of Denver for the night:

Glasses Mirror Sky Window Vision care

And another milestone ODO number... nowhere to stop safely before I missed all the zeros though.

Font Wood Electronic instrument Audio equipment Automotive exterior

What I had to do for all those long, straight miles?

Plant Tire Cloud Sky Property

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There was even threat of rain, but I managed to make it to the hotel without getting wet. I saw rain falling all around me, but only got a few drops on the face shield.

Cloud Sky Plant Overhead power line Natural landscape

A little local BBQ brisket for dinner, and more adventure the following day.

Food Tableware Plate Ingredient Table

Fromthe hotel, I took West County Road 38 to Buckhorn Road up into the hills to get some curvy roads in before Wyoming. I was not disappointed!

Plant Sky Cloud Plant community Infrastructure

Buckhorn took me to Poudre Canyon Road which follows the Cache la Poudre River up into the mountains through a small village called Rustic. (I needed another R-letter anyway... :) )

Plant Sky Mountain Tree Building

Poudre Canyon Road eventually goes over Cameron Pass at 10,276 feet. I'd been running my heated grips all morning, and didn't realize it until I was out of the mountains, but my left hand got slightly burned from the extended use...

Sky Cloud Plant Mountain Green

Unfortunately the "Welcome to Wyoming" sign at the state border was missing - still posts there for it, just no sign. Sigh. So I got another letter A in Wyoming.

Tire Plant Sky Wheel Automotive tire

Wyoming is pretty, but now I was trying to get to Salt Lake City, so I jumped back on highways into Utah.

Sky Bicycle handlebar Plant Vehicle Mode of transport

And snagged a letter E in Echo, UT where the Pony Express used to have a station.

Tire Wheel Plant Sky Plant community

Plant Headstone Cemetery Grass Grave

The view from my room on the 8th floor of downtown SLC...

Building Sky Electricity Tower block Urban design
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