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R1200R pictures, Jan 2017 - Present

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Have closed the older r1200r pictures thread which was becoming large with the amount of pages.
Please go to that thread to view pictures of the r1200r dating back to 2011.

This thread is where to continue posting pictures of your beloved r1200r.

Get your camera out, take pictures of your bike in interesting locations, you with your bike, of your bike parked up in your garage etc,
of course the continued positive comments on the various photos is welcome.

So.... this is me and bike.

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A few days after I bought it in April, came from North Devon, now lives in on the South coast of Devon.
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You obviously can compare the two techniques of the front-suspension side by side:
Do you miss the telelever on the 2015? Does it dive more?
Yes it does dive more, but I’m sure you would get used to it, and I can’t say I miss it, either type outperforms my ability anyway!
May be less of an issue for me, up until I got the R I have always had two bikes, I have had a telelever BMW of some sort since 2007 but i have also had 3 supermoto style bikes with conventional forks as well during that time so I am used to riding either, I actually found the different switchgear, indicators especially more of an issue!!

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Aha... we were looking at Colorider's bike, since that is who had both tele and LC to compare... I missed that the person who answered the question wasn't who was asked...

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It appears I did as well, assumed he had looked at my profile and seen I had previously had two telelever models🤦🏼‍♂️
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