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I have a CalSci tall windshield on my r1250r, a clip-on wind deflector on top of that, Wunderlich hand guards. So far, the combination of the above works well to deflect most of the wind, and take pressure off my neck and torso, with one exception: air gets-in from below, the area where the front of the gas tank has cut-outs for the forks. If I place my palm in the area of the stock navigation placement, buffeting and wind noise goes down significantly, and I mean almost completely, to a point where I can open the visor of my Shuberth C3Pro.

I suspect a very large tank bag would solve my problem, by blocking the wind from coming-up through the cut-outs and traveling up my torso towards the helmet.
I’m contemplating 3D printing a part that mimics a tank bag attachment ring, but with fins that extend towards the handlebars. One problem: don’t have a 3D printer… lol

My previous bike (a v-Twin cruiser) had aftermarket lower wind deflectors on the front forks, and in conjunction with a windshield, it worked a treat. I was actually getting more wind deflected towards my helmet from my boots, when seating in a typical forward control U-shaped position, especially with boots on highway pegs.

With this long preamble: are there any options for lower wind deflectors on R1250R, or a fairing style attachment around headlight, that would block wind coming-in from lower front of the bike?

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