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Return of the Weeny Heated Grips Topic

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Have to re-ask about this, since my 12 Classic has such weeny, barely warm grips that I can barely feel them through a leather palm glove. Electric gloves and guards are fine, but it seems to me that heated grips means hot grips, not barely noticeable slightly tepid grips.

The dealer says it's fine, but it's just not even close to how warm my G650 grips got.

So. . .(1) is the dealer wrong (2) right or wrong what can be done to heat these suckers up?
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I think the grips arte warmer on my 12 than the ones were on the 1150 which were adequate to make my palms hot though leather gloves. Granted I am not testing them in Chicagoland, but I do ride when it's in the low 30s and they are far from tepid. Can you measure the temp of the grip on high or low?
They have those skin temp strips for patients...They only go a little over 101? 103? but sticking one on would give an idea. Talk to an anesthesia freind and get a couple
I will bring a couple home tomorrow and give it a go
also, an IR thermometer may work?
OK, I brought a few temp strips home and checked out my grips

ambient temp 73. I am in New Orleans.
Engine heat 1 to 3 bars when readings were done. Readings were within 3 minutes.
I put a strip on both grips to start to see if there was any difference. there was. the L heated faster. When the left reached about 104 degrees I put that strip just above the one I had stuck on the right and waited less than a minute and took this.

The temp is shown by the green coloration and there is pretty good correlation between the two strips. So, I would call that 104, but it was rising with time.

I moved the two strips over to the left grip and the temp was already over 106 so no coloring shows though I could see just a hint of blue on the 106 bar, meaning the temp was higher than that.

Those are a Grip Puppy knock off, btw, called Grip-Ons, meaning that the temperature transmits just fine and is not insulated by the add-on foam

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that side was increasing its temp when that pic was taken. The left was over 106 at that time. So, it was going higher than 104.
I haven't used the heated grips on this bike much, but when I did I did not notice a difference between the two. I am going to be hitting the road on Tuesday, going to Arkansas for some riding. I still have another strip and I will test it out.

Seems that I've read somewhere that 104 is a warm to hot bath? >106 was going to be uncomfortable I could tell
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