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Ride update

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Well, May 24, I turned 78. To celebrate, I took my R1200R on a bit of a ride. Left Las Vegas (home) May 23 at 7 AM. Rode to Cayucos in California (near Santa Barbara on the coast). Enjoyed my favorite Interstate - I15 - at the sedate pace of 85. Had to stay in the slow lane as traffic was blowing by me at near-light speed. It's 509 miles one way to the coast. Arrived 3:30 PM. Played the next day and left for home on the 25th. Another 509 miles. I decided to stay with the fast runners and blew through a tank of fuel in 45 minutes. (90-100mph).
Traffic was light, but insane. I wasn't getting passed by Vettes or anything fast. Most of the freeway flyers were Toyotas, Hondas, or P/U trucks. Saw exactly zero Highway Patrol the entire ride.
Pretty shot by the time I got home, but a drop or two of Irish helped a lot. Didn't go to sleep until 7 PM, woke up at 7 AM. Almost too stiff to move.
The bike ran great. Corbin seat helped a lot. Cruise control worked a treat.
In total, I stopped three times for fuel in 509 miles. Got home with the Low Fuel light blinking.
Damn fast trip, but I enjoyed it.
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A great way to celebrate, @Poprivit!
I expect your rear tyre took a bit of a hammering too, not just the fuel consumption. 馃槃
It doesn鈥檛 sound like you are ready to hang your helmet up yet. Well done.
No helmet-hanging in my future. I'm enjoying the R1200R waaaay too much.
I live in southern Nevada. There's a road to the east of me that has a sign that says, "No services next 160 miles". That includes no officers of the law. At least I've never see any.
It's the type of road that gets boring at 100 mph.
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