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Maybe we made the “DEAL” a little too much.
Not everybody NEEDS THREE pieces of luggage.

So let’s make it simpler and better.

CALL 707 836 7659 and “ASK FOR THE DEAL” to order.
This deal is not available on our website.

Purchase THREE items from now until Friday the 21st of May
All Items have to be $100.00 or more each.
Now you can choice whatever you want of the following products

20% off on ALL RKA Luggage.
10% off our already discounted SENA products (50S duals are backordered for a week or so)
Following … Until Supplies last
20% off on all our Sport cameras and security camera products.
20% off on our Drones.

Here are the links to take you to the products.

RKA YouTube Page
Sport Cameras
Drone GD89
Drone GD91

Richard & Kathy
707 836 7659
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