For my R1200R 2012 I have two saddles:
- Comfort saddle standard height (800mm)
Fuel tank Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood
Furniture Automotive design Chair Fender Automotive tire

- Sports saddle High version (830)
Tire Fuel tank Automotive tire Automotive lighting Wheel
Grey Fender Automotive design Art Table

I want to buy an aftermarket seat (TopSellerie). I will sell the high seat first, and the comfort seat after I get my new saddle, which I am gonna order after selling te first one. I want to keep riding in the meantime of course ;-)

I prefer a pickup or meetup. I live in the Limburg area in The Netherlands, so this add is not sensible for most members. However Germans from Nordrhein-Westfalen or Belgians from Limburg or Luik/Liège areas are easily within driving range, so it might interest them also.

They are both in pristine state, I think a fair price for each of them is around € 225,- each, which is around half the retail price.