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The panniers are in extremely good condition, they have had little use other than a 2-week trip in Spain last year where they proved to be completely waterproof as advertised. They work perfectly and are not damaged in any way but do have the odd mark on them where they have been brushed past when left on a hotel floor. The Pannier Inner Bags are in perfect “as new” condition. The SHAD 3P system L-shaped arms are in very good condition without any damage or rust although you cannot help but get minor blemishes on them when you are fitting and removing the panniers.

The panniers come with the two original lock keys and all the original fasteners, fittings and instructions to enable you to fit them on your bike.

I haven’t put all the sizing information here because there is a wealth of information and reviews of this equipment on-line. Basically, everything is in fantastic condition.

Happy to answer any questions. I am located in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

£250 if collected, £280 if sent by parcel.


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