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Shoei Helmet comms holder

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Is there any Brethren out there that uses or has had experience of the shoei comms holder.
Does it do what it says on the tin ?

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No experience with it, but it appears to provide a space for the comm's clip to attach to without you having to slip the clip between the shell and the padding. Since it's using 3M sticky velcro as the attachment material, if you are only using a single comm unit, I'd just use the unit's 3M sticky attachment instead of the clip.

If you are going to be using a variety of comm units, then sure, why not, but you are still going to have to swap out speakers/mic for the different brands... And this "universal comm holder" is just going to make the comm unit stick out farther from the side of the helmet.
Yes, the unit sticking out futher and how well it will stay attached were my thoughts.
I have a Cardo Packtalk Bold on my RF1200 and I just used the sticky pad. I didn't like the idea of using the clip and shoving something between the shell and EPS.
I just used the sticky pad that came with my cardo on my NeoTech 2
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