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Solar battery maintainers

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Hi, does anybody use a Solar battery maintainer to keep the battery topped up over the winter?
I don’t have mains power in the garage and used to connect a car battery to my non electronic GS a couple of days a month but not sure that would work with a 1200R full of electronic add ons.
Been looking at 20-25W panels with a built in charge controller for about £60-80, would this be ok?
Any info/experience would be appreciated.

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I hear the solar units work great during the day. :LOL:

You have NO electricity in the garage? Not even lights? They have adapters that let you plug into the light socket.

If you ride year round, get enough extension cord and a pigtail connector. Plug in an off the shelf trickle charger/maintainer once a month.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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