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Static tip over - muffler damage question.

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With panniers removed, does a fall-over to the right damage the exhaust muffler?
If so;
  • Is there a muffler band or cover available for increased protection?
  • Can the pillion pegs somehow be ‘padded/extended outwards’ slightly to offer improved protection?

Thank you, Selby.
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I get it now. Someone else said similarly too.
Panniers for : 1. Protection and 2. Carrying stuff.
I ride locally without my ‘Protectors’ but I’d better put them back 😊
Well, yeah, except I'd reverse 1 and 2. It was tongue in cheek, but you already knew that.

Having said that, mine got blown over in high winds, fully loaded. Right pannier suffered the (paint) damage. But, having a small replacement muffler instead of the enormous chrome OEM job, I suspect that the cylinder head guard, footpeg, rear footpeg carrier, and upper pannier mount would save the muffler from too much damage in such a tipover.
Thank you sturgeon. Great info!
Put a thick blanket on the ground and lay the bike down on its right side - then you’ll know. Good practice for picking it up if it does fall, too.
Yes, good knowledge to have. Feel the weight of the bike etc. I’m already enjoying the minus 80 or so Kg compared with my Honda and previous.

My friend on his new grey HD, at first fuel stop last week, dropped the bike. His boot sole momentarily hung-up coming off the unaccustomed left footrest. Then off to the workshop for repairs.
Thanks P’mann.
S (y)
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Good to know. Thanks Lee 👍
Hmmm, static tip-over - any bike tip-over by a gust of wind, nudged in a carpark, sloppy rider u-turn, rider losing footing or whatever - the damage could be cosmetic scratches or very expensive. I've had a carpark tip-over and damaged the CAN, cylinder head, bar end and a few bits&peices. From memory, the cost of the all-up parts was around 3k. Accidents happen and when it does, fix it and move on. IMHO, I'd be more concerned about having a good set of cylinder head protectors like MAM than the CAN protection. Oh, even replacing an OEM damaged pannier lid can be an eye-watering price. Just my view tho’ .

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Thanks Mike. I don’t want to appear pre-occupied with dropping bikes. My questions are just part of my building a good knowledge of the RS, on all (many, anyway) aspects. That’s just me!

Having such knowledge and understanding increases my riding pleasure a great deal and = More RS fun! :)
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Good practice for picking it up, but they don't always fall the same way or end up in the same orientation on the ground, especially if they're a bit top-heavy with luggage.

On the subject of picking up, for those of you who were taught to stand beside a fallen bike with your back to it, here's an alternative from my pal Clinton, dirt-bike trainer extraordinaire. I've seen him demo this on a GS Adventure, using the mirror stalk. And he's just a little guy like me, probably in his mid-50's when this video was shot...

Thanks sturgeon for the great video. I have tried lifting my Honda by the bars, but at 750 lbs or so and short handle bars, I did not succeed. Maybe wth the RS it would work for me, it seems so lightweight!
If I can get some grip with my feet, I can 'walk the Honda up' with my back against the seat but I need to be on a flat surface. Otherwise wait for a willing helper.
As you say, the bikes land in various postures and sometime 'go right over' especially on a downhill slope - very nasty and damaging. I don't want to sound like an expert at dropping and picking up though 🙃, but it does happen.
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If you're picking the bike as suggested in the video above, also make sure you engage your core muscles to ensure that you're not straining your back.

I've dropped my R once because of the stupid sidestand that doesn't lean enough and picked it up with the method in the video. Easy peasy.
Yes, I have noticed the sidestand is quite long. My friends generously gifted me a Wunderlich s’stand ‘shoe’ for my RS, so up a bit further I go!

I am happy to be on the RS with it relatively light weight. A pleasant change for me. Thanks Serrge.
Don't bother with the shoe unless you plan to park in soft sand/dirt frequently. It'll only make the bike more likely to tip over.
Thank you, I understand. Fortunately the W’lich shoe has quite a thin sole.

The shoe is a gift from my two riding mates to celebrate the arrival of my ‘new to me’ RS, so fitting was not optional and it is now gratefully mounted.

I can mostly find a side-slope to park on, or else need to carry a tent peg and string. Hey, that’s a good idea! :)
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It looked like a pleasant ride until the slip. Not much damage by the looks, to you or the machine, so an unfortunate but good outcome.

I wouldn’t have expected a slippery surface lurking in the water. Surprising! Just as well I wasn’t there as it may have been splash 1 then splash 2.

Seeing this makes me very wary about creek crossings from now on but not much can be done. Cross or don’t cross?

I’m glad you and the R survived well.

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I learned afterwards from a KTM 1290 Adventure rider at the car wash in Cowes that the best technique is to approach with enough speed so you can pull the clutch and coast through so there’s less risk of the back wheel pushing the front.
The oncoming lane centre wheel track might have been a better option too as the algae seemed to be thicker on the uphill side.
I like the KTM man's advice, it makes sense to me, having had two slips on ice-like wet, short grass. The rear wheel does not like trying to transmit drive power, even the slightest bit, to the road surface. Whoosh! away goes the rear wheel in a flash.
It's Australia, everything is upside down there.
No, no. We are at the top of the Earth. When I look straight up I can see right through the Exosphere. 🙃
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Now settle down lads and remember which way is UP when you next hop on your BMs, or is it down?
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