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Sunday Stroll

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BMW boys took a stroll Sunday.

Down the southernmost cape of the main island.

The weather was clear and cold. 33 degrees F up to 49 degrees, and back down to 32 degrees.

Blue sky gave way to intermittent cloud cover.

Overcast by 4pm. Freezing rain began after dark at 5:30pm

Wind energy project on the mountain tops.

Save the dolphins movement began at "The Cove" in Taiji town.
Save Japan Dolphins: September 2010

Leilani Münter #59 Operation Free racecar in the ARCA series supports green energy and dolphin protection.

Lava flowing into the sea created some unusual rock formations.

Some strange islands, too.


This is for Hoshiko. He likes this generic Honda NC700.

Wakayama Castle built 1585

ShionoMisaki Lighthouse lit in 1873. Radio station.

Yours Truly

Goodnight Johnboy. Goodnight all.

800 kilometers round trip. Avg. fuel consumption 22 km/L
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Looks like one heck of trip Clem. I'm jealous that you get to explore the beautiful island. Were you affected by the earthquake?
As everyone who has ever been to the Cabbage Patch knows... we can't run an election, but we can run one heluva coleslaw wrestlilng match! (of course... sometimes the coleslaw is fresher than the wrestlers)
Now I'm in sounds like a party! first annual r1200rforum meet.
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