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Switch from air to lc ?

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Need your thoughts on my Situation. I ride a DOHC R1200R and i am very happy with it….

But since last season the LC is running around my brain. Had the chance to ride it for the weekend during mine was in the workshop and it was great fun. Forgot about it during the Season but now a very good offer is coming around the corner.
The LC for me in all disciplines is the better bike but i also love my DOHC. It‘s like leaving the wife for a sexy young girl if you know what i mean 😉.

What do you think….is it worth it ? Performancewise the LC fit‘s perfect for me and i also like the look….

It‘s just 2500 € additional to my DOHC for a 2016 fully loaded 1st hand, 8.000 miles and yearly serviced. More polished than riden.
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Personally, I’d stick with the wife rather than the sexy young girl. (I’ve had mine for 45 years.)
Now, about changing to an LC, I really have no opinion as I have not ridden one, but I am very happy with my 2013 R.
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