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Tail Tidy

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Well I got bored with the bike and decided to try to clean up the look of the tail for next to nothing. (assuming you have access to the tools)

I got a little carried away and didn't take many pictures. I had to hold it back up after cutting it off to show what I removed. I removed everything off the tail to access it and cut it on the bike for the most part. I used a dremel tool to cut if off. I just did a rough cut way below where I wanted to end up and got the feel for the tool.. Then after it was close I used an air sanding wheel to clean it up.

I ended up bending a couple of pieces of aluminum sheet chunks and using them to mount the license plate. I just riveted the brackets to the inner fender plastic. Then I used a wire loom ziptie to remount the light for the plate. I will get a picture of the finished product soon. It will not last long though as I am moving the seat lock and tucking an exhaust up there.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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