Bought this bike about 4,000 Mi ago from a guy in Southern California who left it outside too much. The switches have 14000 miles on them, and work just fine, but the sun faded them pretty bad. It annoyed me, so I swapped them this morning.

You could spend over $900 at BMW on these, or you could go $250 left and $150 right from me shipped to the USA.
Art Jewellery Body jewelry Circle Font

Automotive lighting Font Personal protective equipment Camera accessory Auto part

Automotive lighting Material property Electric blue Gas Fashion accessory

Camera accessory Bicycle part Font Material property Cameras & optics

Electric blue Fashion accessory Plastic Font Magenta

Font Auto part Metal Bicycle part Jewellery

Automotive design Material property Camera accessory Bicycle part Personal protective equipment

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bumper Rectangle Automotive wheel system

Terrestrial animal Personal protective equipment Electric blue Grass Snout

Tints and shades Magenta Electric blue Plastic Bumper