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THE Report Great Falls MOA

Day One to Bend, OR.
Sunday June 20th.
5:30 AM to 3:30 PM 480 miles.

Monday June 21st.
First Report 5:00 AM

Monday morning having coffee and getting ready to continue to Spokane Valley WA.
Only 400 miles today.

This was REALLY my first day on the road with my new “Black velveteen” spaceship.

I did go to Mariposa last Month for the 49ner rally but did not gather enough information to really understand the new moto, except to say I was disappointed with the highway mileage … about 40 to 41 MPG.

Maybe you do not understand and are wondering where the rig is.

No rig. We shipped 14 LARGE boxes to the rally, Bobby B will ride his New Pan American to the rally on Tuesday. Setup the display Wednesday and Kathy will fly in Wednesday at Midnight.
Open for business Thursday morning.

Did the PA go over you head here? YES there will be a Harley Davidson Pan American IN THE BOOTH!!

Back to the trip, Sunday after 480 miles I am averaging 49 mpg!! GREAT … Coulda expanded my fuel stops but better to safe than out of fuel.

I ran into the same two, husband and wife couple in Weed and in Klamath falls, cannot believe we stopped at the same station twice! AND the Klamath Falls stop was only 71 miles from Weed and was only to top off.

They will be at the rally and I said they will come to my seminars on Thursday or Friday at 11:45 AM. You are invited also. You are invited also

On Hwy 97 I thought I came upon our local best friends Pepe and Robin since there was a guitar strapped to the GSA. I called out to them on Open Mesh, but no answer and they did not seem to recognize me. Maybe it was the new moto. Sure thought it was them

I had brain fade and did not take any photos today until I got dinner.

I am The master planner and try to make the best out of each stop but I guess the new moto and fuel size tainted my brain .... there is NO place to get or drink here. AT the north end of town an just car dealerships.
BUT the gas station had a mini mart. So dinner was interesting … a cheese and salmi appetizer, a sandwich AND an “Squeezy” 3 glass container of “Merlot” … All is well in the kingdom.



LIVE from Bend Oregon.

Stand by for more ……..

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I hope you have some cooling vests. it's going to be hotter than blazes on that side of the mountains the whole week. I've thought about riding to Fossil, but I don't have a cooling vest. if you can squeeze hwy. 218 into your trip, it's one of the best roads in Oregon.
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