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HI All,
For those who like the look of the clear Wunderlich hand guards WHICH DO NOT fit the R12 DOHC ( as per Wunderlich ) may be quite interested to know that they DO FIT.
Wunderlich are correct in stating that the kit does not fit the DOHC model, but if Wunderlich management were to added one off 6mm x 35mm ( thread pitch to be verified) screw and washer to the kit, whilst removing one off 5mm x 35mm and washer, wonderful things can happen.
Whilst the BMW design technicians were busy cutting costs and not protecting the uncoated metal beneath the filler cap, during an extended morning tea break a decision was made to keep the 5mm screws holding the clutch lever but ( obviously deserving of potential promotion) changed the right hand screws to 6mm.
Hence the small change required in the Wunderlich kit.
But now all is good.

Be WARNED the locking screw that is used to govern the rotation position of the left hand mirror stem is a LEFT HAND THREAD.
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