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I've been riding bikes for a few years. I currently ride a Bandit 1250 and before that a FJR1300. I like the Bandit's engine and nimbleness - it's a good all-round bike but it's rather anonymous and looks like any other Japanese bike. I really want something that's good to look as well as good to ride. I think it has to be a naked bike (though I'll put a screen on it) and I quite like a classic look.

I've ridden a Harley (I did 2600 miles on a Softail Heritage Classic last year travelling Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica) and though it might appeal visually from a classic viewpoint, it wasn't too exciting to ride (minimal ground clearance and a general lack of performance from an engine that felt quite crude plus getting hot legs and feet on the exhaust and crankcase).

I did consider a Bonneville briefly and then I fell in love with Moto Guzzi Griso 8v SE with the subtle green colour and two-tone leather seat. However, that affair was short-lived as I discovered that there is no ABS option, no fuel guage, the dealer network and support doesn't appear that impressive, and, finally, it's Italian. I've had Italian cars in the past and know people with Italian cars and bikes and experience tends to suggest that they all have great style and work well ... when they actually work!

I then came across the R1200R Classic. This seems to have the right blend of classic good looks as well as looking different to most Japanese bikes. Plus it is bang up-to-date with regards to technology and the dealerships are good. OK, it may not be the cheapest bike around but I want a bike that will last me a good few years and might even be my last new bike purchase.

I hope to try one over the next couple of weeks and then investigate the options - can I get my Givi top case to fit (I want to respray the top to match the bike), how safe are those spoked wheels with regards to punctures etc.

I've joined up here to find out more. Hope you don't me asking a few questions.



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I have ridden several bikes, never the bandit but several Japanese bikes, sport and cruisers too, I like to go to any dealer's ride demo and see what is out there.

Whit that in mind, I can tell you that the R1200R is my favorite ride ever, only have 2k miles on it but suspension and brakes are unmatched by anything out there, also consider the weight, and center of gravity with the boxer engine, it's easier on NYC's traffic then my previous 2008 Yamaha FZ6.

You also mentioned the heat from the Harley ride you did, I was little concerned with the engine pistons right in front of my feet, I have to say that that makes the riding feel cooler, your inner thighs won't get hot with this engine.

Bike it's expensive but everything it's perfectly executed, highest quality materials all over the bike, I love the look and seating position.

I also like that the saddle bags mount it's almost invisible when the bags are off the bike, they hold 32 litters on each, enough for full face helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and boots, you won't have to walk around looking like a freak on hot days. The saddle bags are also BMW quality and no need to carry other key for them since the ignition key will open the cases.

I don't know what else to tell you, go out and buy one, you won't regret it.

BMW Motorrad in Bergen County NJ it's having a demo day on Sat 13th
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