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Hey R1200Rians

Last Sunday I did a track day in NJ's Millville Thunderbolt.

We (wife and I) left Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon and went straight to the hotel, 6 miles away from the track, Marriott Millville, pretty clean place, friendly staff and the best, they have an indoors pool.

We unloaded the little stuff we had, checked in, and 10 minutes latter we were enjoying the hot tub. had a light dinner and went to sleep early.

Woke up 6:00, showered and took off, made a quick stop at a gas station between the hotel and the track, I was really happy to see several bikes at the station, trucks with race bikes on them and riders passing by, the whole town was sleeping besides us, 2 wheel vehicle lovers.

Arrived to the track right on time, several people were camping there. Cool and not that cool bikes, great expensive trailers and rental trailers. One thing was common, big smiles everywhere.

Got to the garage to cover the lights and install the hose clamp in to the filter, then headed to inspection, which I passed with no issues.
They do a good bike check as well as gear, full face helmet, letter jacket with armor, pants with armor, boots and gloves.

Did a 30 minute class with some older dude from Australia who used to race professionally there, in USA and Europe.

Then we started, I'll let the pictures talk for themselves.

That's me saying hi.

One of my favorites, seconds before starting one of the rounds.

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