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Ordered new tail tidy off eBay but it was made by evotech, wasn’t cheap but looked great initially in their promotional pictures. I was concerned my 2015 model didn’t seem to have same rear number plate light which needs to be used with kit, I was assured before buying by seller all was ok & direct fit. Package arrived couldn’t find any instructions, but did look quality parts, again not cheap. I messaged eBay seller about missing bolt, & instructions say you should use OEM screws but which were to small.

After getting no reply from eBay seller I contact evotech direct, spoke to a guy call Garry. He assured me he would call me back later same day, I heard nothing from him. Number of days later I tried calling him again several time, phone was busy. After sending another email asking him about my issues, main bracket was to tight. Rear OEM number plate light looked nothing like the one in their promotional pictures & now looks like a bodge job. When putting rear tail light cluster back into tight bracket, it caused a couple of scratches either side on rear light cluster lens. So I was a bit annoyed, I phoned him again & he answered, I explain situation & sent pictures of problems. Because main bracket was to tight, replacing OEM side plastics was difficult. Garry obviously hadn’t heard of this problem before, it was unacceptable that fittings was missing he claimed evotech was a company of good standing.
I was finally offered a partial refund, or return kit. Sending kit back wasn’t a good option for me, not many other companies offer similar kits. OEM tail & number plate holder look ugly, it would have taken more time & effort.
It’s not about the money it was his promise to sort it out, & return calls or emails he failed to do. So sod it I’ve given eBay seller back feedback, & a heads up to fellow R1200R owners be careful using evotech in UK.
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