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Why is this BMW motorcycle site totally consummed with nothing but Golf threads?
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Administrators seemed to have forsaken the site.
Up to our ass in spam, but let's not give up yet.
I ride to work 2 hours one-way, and often fight through traffic jams,
but sometimes there is a long straight stretch without any cars.
Let's try to think of spam as cage drivers.
They can slow us up, but it's only temporary.
Nobody is giving them any response. Maybe they'll take a hint and move on.
Let's just keep right on posting and take it back, inch-by-inch.
It's ours if we try. It's theirs only if we give up.
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Finally !!!

Is this for real?
Am I dreaming?
It's too good to be true.
Did anyone else see this. I must be halucinating.
Hoshiko, SLAP ME !!!

Wouldn't this be wonderful ?
Time will tell IF it's true.

I hope all the members here who love BMW R1200Roadsters
and hate spam
will contact the Administrators.
I did.........again.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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