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The face of this sudden praise his brother, stunned the Devils in more than three, simply flattered. The things that provoke the Yonfan, it means that you can no longer be so easily resolved. Yang Fan is a big opening and the compensation to be two hundred thousand! Wouters devils three to a telephone call, Wouters to your Yonfan to set devils three British tea house.
This means nature is self-evident to devils three pairs of his brother's understanding of what his brother to keep Yonfan this stingy bargain! In fact, this is not petty or not. But each person encountered such a thing, always go to the bargaining. Devils three times in a small woods, had actually bargain with Yang Fan?
If you do not counter-offer, give Yonfan two hundred thousand direct compensation, beyond that Shueisha also Zhibu Ding will encounter many such cases, paying the money that Shueisha's not like throwing out the same water? Shueisha Xingyao help in this respect and the cracks between the public Xinghui survive, how can we not plan carefully, incidentally, after the gang for their consideration?
However, contrary to three devils expected, Wouters was not only angry, but also praise him to do this well, said Yang Fan to which two hundred thousand, exposed his weaknesses, three little devils know why, and mouth to like to ask his brother in the end how it was.
"On the train to say." Wouters looked back Hongfu hotel one, waved.
Devils three TIPS immediately closed his mouth,
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took the hands of his brother's car keys, turn on his brother's bike Audi A4 sitting inside the driver's seat.
Wouters got into the driver's seat of the deputy, Audi A4 out of a head English tea house in the direction toward the set away.
"Big Brother, in the end is how is it?" Car lopsided, Hongfu hotel has seen, and this opening devils three asked: "You say that two hundred thousand Yonfan to expose his weaknesses?"
Wouters smiling, said: "We did not go to set Yonfan British Tea House, is afraid I will bargain with him, as he himself said, in our Shueisha's site, I bargain with him, he does not always good openings refused to reduce the number of these two hundred thousand.
And he also brought you to Hongfu Hotel, in fact, take you as a hostage, ransom to get me two hundred thousand people! Understand yet? "
"I know, what can Yonfan exposed weaknesses?" Devils three sudden could not Zhuanguo Wan.
"You idiot, you really this nickname of three white devils called!" Wouters a slap shot in the back of the head three devils on his face did not smile but it is a little less: "He did, we made clear is false two hundred thousand, and I went to Hong-fu hotel bargain with him, he was directly blocked me, which shows his attitude is very firm, is determined to win this two hundred thousand! "
"Oh, I see, big brother is saying,

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Fan Yang's weakness is the love of money?" Devils three came to understand the general said.
"Yes, as long as he has weaknesses, they help us Shueisha act!" Wouters smiled and nodded.
Devils three thought for a moment, to say the remarks Yonfan not love the right man, love of money is then relayed to the Wouters.
After listening Wouters, thought, and nodded his head and said: "The statement is indeed true, Oh, but he can frank their different love, but added beyond my expectations had."
"Brother, you is not said to me Yonfan this man to be reckoned with it?" Devils three at this time thought of Yonfan in a small woods well aware of their own ideas of things, these are conveyed to the Wouters.
Wouters listening smile, said: "Oh, this person should not be underestimated, but we know his weaknesses, as long as it wants to match up. Are you not aware of it, he then said, is to completely exert pressure on you? two hundred thousand, hey, do not really spend the injustice! "
Paused, Wouters and said: "Although he is acting very calm, can, after all, young and too hard-edged but this is because of his hard-edged, just let me know the weaknesses of his love of money!"
Devils three nodded their brother, then obviously admire the extreme.
"Yes, something about him, all men of their own secret little brother, are not allowed to divulge." Wouters said, but at this time: "Before leaving,

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he said, to thank us for what his secret, in fact, is to remind We are! "
"Brother, if you later get into his little brother again, he's a big opening for money how to do?" Devils three hesitated, said: "Why do not we secretly told little brother, little brother were all to look at, not to provoke him? "
"No!" Wouters waved a straight face, said: "This thing is absolutely confidential, Yang Fan in the end I still unpredictable in What the ****! I thoroughly investigated before any person had confidential matter .
If you have further provoke his brother or take the money to settle! Do not feel bad the money, he's better. As long as we do not exceed the tolerance range gave him. However, I personally need to give him!
Money, not white, and understand? "
"See, brother." Devils three nodded, Wouters have the words to the last, and devils do not understand is that if the three had a pig.
Yang Fan is now Wouters showed the money to invest, one day, Wouters from Fan Yang's body with interest to recover, and his brother, but never did lose money in!
Yuehua Jian, set to English Tea House, devils three keys to get off the car after the Wouters.
Wouters waved, said: "wherever he goes, you go back, do not have any recent first action, wherever he goes, must be good, if the recent trouble was, the whole point of my big move, to outsiders see us Shueisha not be bullied. "
"Yes, brother." Devils three agreed to the left.
Wouters This turned upstairs,

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his face is a smile complacency, can use words to describe this time of high-spirited Wouters had.
At a time when Hong-fu hotel, cigarette dangling Yang Fan, flexor bomb the bomb check their cash on hand, said: "This Shueisha or very rich Well, 200,000, give the eyes are blinking sent over ! "
They sit either side of crows and underwear Yang Fan's side, looking one, but it is not talking. Fan Yang's actions today, has been completely contrary to their expectations. Yang Fan to their understanding of such a thing happened, Fan Yang will never ask for money, but will cut directly with people who Shueisha.
Although the two hundred thousand is not a small number of crows and underwear can be Yonfan in the eyes, has never been a greedy person! Of course, the people love money, Yang Fan is no exception. The crow and the underwear is to know, educate them, when Yang Fan, often catch-phrase is: a gentleman's love of money, in a proper way!
"Xiao-fan brother!" Crow contain themselves, frowning, said: "Two hundred thousand a lot can be comparable to what has Shueisha cut people to the outlet? Say, you do not often tell us that a gentleman love of money, in a proper way? you this ... "
Crow following speaks, Fan Yang is very clear, gentle smile: "I just being in the false Shueisha money? Contrary to my previous education, then you, right?"
Silence of the crows, but it is nodded.
"And you?" Yonfan instead look to the underwear, asked: "how do you deal with this matter today, I think the practice?"
Underwear hesitated, said: "Xiaofan brother to do, is always justified."
"Go, lackey." Yonfan smiled gently kicked in underwear sitting on a chair,

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suddenly, this chair slip joint underwear out more than a meter.
Samsam underwear laugh a little, not to say anything.
Fan Yang said: "The thing about Shueisha, Big Brother has given me full authority to deal, so I will let you receive any messages on Shueisha have informed me the first time I said to you before, you should be in mind.
Our gang is able to climb higher in the gang, mingled more money. However, the gentleman's love of money, in a proper way! This sentence in mind that you should have money outside her door, when properly weigh this money can not get outside, will not hot.
This two hundred thousand, you take home to big brother! Origin of money to tell this brother! "
Fan Yang's remark, some public outcry Xinghui's younger brother suddenly. This money is Shueisha compensation Yonfan, Yonfan can own it up, and there is no need to big brother.
Xiaofan brother can actually make such a decision!
"Well," Yang Fan waved and said: "This is the money to the brother, he will not have to. Brother did not want this money, we will sub it!"
"How can this become?" Crow first said: "Brother Do not, naturally gave Xiao-fan brother, this is Shueisha compensation for your money."
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