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Hello All,
I trust you have all enjoyed a very Merry Christmas and now preparing for the new year.
In the past I have been extremely lucky in regard to ( as quietly as I can, flat tyre). I have noticed a number of emergency kits with plastic bungs and small gas cannisters ( possibly nitrogen).

Just how effective are these in real life or do you simply succumb to bad language and calling a mate for a lift.

The tyre is tubeless ( cast rim).

Many, many years ago I had used a FILLILEAK pressurised can on a tubed tyre. It worked beautifully until I wanted to add some additional air pressure. The whole valve by now had gummed up..... no air in air out.
It did get me out of trouble, but really caused more trouble .
Best regards

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I carry a plug kit like used in auto radial tires. I also have an electric pump. Its small and fits under the seat along with the plug kit in the same bag. I keep a spare tire pressure gauge in there too.

I have the kits but never needed the canned air. I guess 2 cylinders will get you to an air pump. They are full of Co2.

I was not far from here.

When I get home, I pull the tire, rip out the plug and install a plug patch. "Mini combi" from the inside of the tire. This lets me inspect the integrity of the tire when I make the proper repair.


Oh yeah, YMMMV Yadda yadda
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